Daegu Art Museum presents Nam Tchunmo_From lines to landscape as a part of an effort to research, introduce and curate the trends of contemporary art. This exhibition is intended to take a glimpse at the works of Nam Tchunmo who has steadily pursued his career for 30 years, which has been configured to analyze the fundamentals of forms exuding from his paintings to large installation works and to experience diversity in visual cognition in the contemporary art through aesthetic interpretation of works. I have compiled an in-depth analysis of his representative works including Stroke line, Beam and Spring based on his surroundings and temporal experiences. I observe the works with curiosity and expectation on how such characteristics would unfold and develop, considering their expansionary and varied forms, instead of jumping to a conclusion for his works within the confines of modernism or monochrome paintings. This exhibition presents his works of an enormous scale since it is his first solo one in a large space. His large three-dimensional works are impressive, in particular, which he has ambitiously prepared for over one year. His works seen only through the screen turn into 16-foot large installation structures to catapult beyond a three-dimensional space. Objects placed in a space as individual entities float in the air, lie on the floor or stand against a wall – both a part and a whole of what he wants to express as an artist. What counts is that that the criticality lies in what message he wishes to deliver and the format thereof is not important. In a screen, the objects fulfil their roles as structures comprising a part of a work, while playing their functions as independent installations and sculptures in a three-dimensional space. It is noteworthy that he has tapped on various methods of art – painting, sculpture, object and installation – besides the two-dimensional works he has carried on for long, enabling us to get a taste of his willingness to seek for changes.

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