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02/02/2017 - 04/03/2017
Thursday to Saturday
14:00 - 18:00 or by appointment

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Daniel Pandini, 1938-2013, was a French painter.

Connected to Mondrian’s research, Daniel Pandini’s work explores the path of abstraction through a radical simplification of shapes and a frequent use of primary colors. This practice, reminiscent of Concrete Painting, focuses on the reality of shapes, colors and textures. In this case, the original rectangle is restructured from cut-out shapes, noticeable through a subtle play on color.

Daniel Pandini breathes life into his work in understated ways. He assembles sometimes barely re-cut wooden boards and composes shapes and relief using color. He draws pure lines in space, creating works that stretch beyond their frames, unfolding their colors outside the edges.

"Daniel Pandini’s works are also mini-constructions of wooden boards, sometimes assembled barely re-cut, that he calls “Reliefs” because they come out of the wall, unlike paintings. The color work on these boards is truly pictorial, yet they are no longer just paintings, since the reshuffled original rectangle marks the space with its sharp edges and the colors stretching out of the frame, look like they might escape with the flap of a wing.

The restricted space that the artist favors doesn’t exclude density, on the contrary. As the eye approaches, the work unveils its depth, the roughness of the wood and its pigments, traces of different operations, layers of color. In short, what we could call the materials of the building moment."

Manuel Jover, Journalist, Art Critic and Writer

learn more about Daniel Pandini in this : PDF