OPENING : 13/12/2015
12:30 - 20:00

17/12/2015 - 17/01/2016
Thursday to Saturday
14:00 - 18:00
Or by appointment

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Korea Pulse exhibition present a selection of 7 Korean artists whose works combine differents techniques : from traditional materials to more innovative techniques as the use of 3D composite images. The choice of these 7 artists is for us the reflection of a Korean society in balance between tradition and the rush to modernity.

 ▼  Chun Kwang Young

Born in 1944 in Hongchun, South Korea. Chun Kwang Young lives and works in Gyunggi. Considered as a contemporary master working with mulberry paper, he is widely recognized for his installations and three-dimensional works.

His striking textured canvases and monumental organic sculptures give life to imaginary landscapes in colors and volume, creating an infinite abstract space.

This assembling of individually wrapped hand-cut polystyrene triangles comprising ancient Korean or Chinese texts withholds several elements of the collective memory. It’s in these small triangles that reside all the power of his work "Aggregation".

 ▼  Yunkyung Jeong

Born in 1981, Incheon, South Korea, she lives and works in London. Yunkyung Jeong is a graduate from Ewha University (Seoul, Korea), Slade School of Fine Art, and Goldsmiths. She has shown in the UK and Korea and has been the recipient of a number of awards including the Renaissance Art Prize and the Foster Fletcher Prize, both awarded in 2008.

Her paintings combine tranquil elements from eastern tradition with architectural shapes inspired by neo-gothic buildings. The repetition of these elements is used as structure, revealing an unsuspected profusion and hidden layers. Playing with visual illusion, Yunkyung Jeong manages to create a subtle and oniric world.

 ▼  Kim Joon

Born in 1966 in Seoul, South Korea, where he lives and works, Kim Joon is a graduate from school of fine Art and MFA painting dept., Hongik University (Seoul, Korea). He is also lecturer at Kongju national University, animation in Korea.

While still a cultural taboo in Korea, tattoos are for him a way to externalize the subconscious. They show in broad daylight the hidden desires induced in our collective ideologies by materialistic societies. According to Kim Joon, consumerism has turned humans into generic beings of desire, a desire which devours us to such an extent, it affects the very perception we have of each other. Having established a growing presence in the international art scene, Kim Joon has exhibited worldwide. The highly recognized Saatchi Gallery's Korean Eye show confirmed him as one of the most important Korean living artists to date.

 ▼  Namgoong Whan

He was born in 1975 in Seoul. He currently lives in Paris. Before coming to France, Namgoong Whan first took a training course at the university of Seoul’s School of Fine Arts. He then settled down in Paris and studied at the ENSBA, where he obtained his diploma in 2003.

His drawings, products of patience and concentration, are brought to life through a thick brush full of ink. The moment paper and water collide, the ink spreads; following the artist’s fast and precise gesture. Through a subtle use of blurs, Namgoong Whan succeeds in displaying a rare visual energy thus giving a spiritual dimension to his work.

 ▼  Nam Tchun Mo

Born in 1961, Yungyang, South Korea, he lives and works in Daegu, South Korea & Cologne, Germany. Nam Tchun-Mo is a graduate from school of fine Art and M.F.A from Keimyung University, Daegu, South Korea.

Through repetition of simple lines and a mixture of oriental natural colors, Nam Tchun Mo creates works beyond the boundaries of sculpture and painting. Dynamic and rhythmic lines built on the surface of the canvas create harmony between light and shadow areas. Sculptural painting where the lines are infinite space.

Nam Chun-Mo is an artist representing the new generation of Korean monochrome movement Dansaekhwa. Recently, he won the 1st prize of the foundation Hachonghyn rewarding a great master of the movement Dansaekhwa.

 ▼  Shim Moon Pil

Shim Moon Pil was born in Daegu, South Korea, in 1958. He lives and works in Paris. His artistic approach is based on the alternation between, on one hand - the transparency, sharpness, the introduction of white linearity, the tint area, the colored lines and the plexiglas - and on the other hand the milky atmospheric presence of the white base: indistinct depth, distant and mysterious, which pulls the perception towards a recessed space.

Sometimes, irregularities in the lines are purposely preserved as to avoid an excessive mechanical approach of the composition. These lines, spaced out or close to each other, divide and modulate the tint block, introducing rhythm to the balances of colours and gaps.

 ▼  Yun Sungfeel

Born in 1977 in Daejeon, South Korea. He lives and works in Seoul. Yun Sungfeel’s work approaches the themes of balance and harmony in the universe, examining both the macro and the micro. It reveals the constant flow of systems, including that of human existence. The relationship between art, spirituality and scientific theories, such is the creative idea Yun Sungfeel pursues throughout his work.

All seven artists are present in the national museums of South Korea or the Samsung Foundation and in various important private and public collections.