Maurice Frydman + Kim Ku-Lim 

OPENING : 09/12/2012
14:00 - 20:00

10/12/2012 - 16/12/2012
Thursday to Saturday
14:00 - 18:00, Friday until 20:00
Or by appointment



Born in Paris in 1928 in an immigrant family from Poland, Maurice Frydman lives and works in Brussels. Passionate about human anatomy, he dedicates his work to the theme of the couple and the child. In addition, he is haunted by the destructive potential of humanity, its barbarity and its crimes. Love and violence are two opposing themes that guide its work.

The contemporary work of Maurice Frydman seems a priori maintain very little contact with his previous production. The break between his work is great figurative classical expression and abstract works he performs today.

"I did quantities of work before my « matrices ». At this time I was oil, my paintings were already show a tear, a burst of flesh, a large scar. When I make my skins, my dice, I reconstituted the skin of man and woman. This makes me dive in human dimension. Because the skin is the texture. Conceptually, this is a subject that fascinates me a lot." Maurice Frydman

Born in Sangju, South of Korea, in 1936, live and work in Seoul. Kim Ku-lim is a name always talked about when discussing contemporary Korean art along with the words “Korea’s first”. He is acknowledged and appreciated as an unequalled Korean avant-garde artist who gave fresh stimulation to the Koran art scene.

He is a holder of deconstructive thought and nomadic spirit, occupying himself with denying himself. He pursues a new experimental nature, involving a wide variety ofgenres ranging from art to dance, music, theater, and even film. He encapsulates the sensibility and thought of the times in his work, breaking away from any institution and its authority through constant self-negation.